Thursday, April 7, 2016

Scrapbooker? No, Family Historian!

Two things occurred to me recently.

#1 - Guilt and Scrapbooking often go hand in hand.  Time after time on the groups and blogs, I see scrapbookers apologizing for stashes or justifying purchases - current or past.  Family members berate us for having "so much" and we start to think that maybe we should be ashamed.

#2 - We lose our reason for making these memory books.  Calling scrapbooking just a hobby takes the skill out of the process.  Claiming that the books are just pictures and stickers negates all the time and care that is put into them.  The value of these works of art diminish as these thoughts are stated and believed.

I've come to the realization that I am NOT just a scrapbooker, scrapbooking is not my "hobby", and I have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

I am the self-proclaimed FAMILY HISTORIAN!  I have chosen to use my skills of color matching, spacial arrangement, and attention to detail to tell future generations the story of my family life. Birthdays, Christmases, and all the other important, silly, happy, and memorable times are recorded in the pages of those scrapbooks.

My daughter, when she is old enough to value them, will turn page after page and be reminded of her life, of laughs and tear, and learn how her parents grew up.

"Grandma played the guitar?  Grandpa had a full head of hair?  I remember ..."

I do not want these memories to die.  So if I see a cute chipboard or sticker set or beautiful paper that would express the moment perfectly, I'm going to buy it.  If I need that embossing folder and stamp set to add the right amount of texture and just the right sentiment, it should be added to my wish list.  It's not buying for the sake of buying.  Each item in my collection was purchased with a purpose in mind.  All to work together to document life.

I am the FAMILY HISTORIAN!  and I'm proud to be.  How about you?

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